Ryan the Wheelbarrow

Miami, Florida, USA  

b. 1980



Better known as just Wheelbarrow, Ryan Ferrell is the originator of LIVE FASHION VANDALISM©. Since 2002, Wheelbarrow has been pushing the limits of this unique style of performance screen-printing, creating a unique style of "typographic expressionism" and turning your clothing into a 1 of 1 works of art right before your eyes. Wheelbarrow has collaborated with brands, big and small, performed at over 300 events throughout South Florida, Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, as well as exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and UK.

Ryan is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and trained as a graphic designer. He is inspired by the natural order of chaos, organic shapes, happy accidents, thrift stores, color theory and riding bicycles. He also loves his scruffy white terriers, Bronson and Captain, as well as drawing in Moleskins with a pencil and a kneadable eraser.

Please send all inquiries to contact@ryanthewheelbarrow.com